A Clockwork Orange World

Acceptance of Dystopia

Clockwork orangeA “clockwork orange” is a fruit that is organic on the outside but mechanic on the inside. People can be like that – human on the outside and mechanically programmed on the inside. Stanley Kubrick, in his 1971 movie A Clockwork Orange, based on Anthony Burgess’ novel by the same name, gave us a sample of such people.

Programming of minds is a theme in A Clockwork Orange. The other side of the coin of programming is adaptation. Our bodies adapt to hot and cold weather; our minds can adapt — be made to respond with increasing acceptance — to subliminal messages, innuendo, indoctrination, abuse, violence, or terror. Adaptation is experienced by perpetrators of deeds and by victims of deeds, barring death of either.

The story is still described today as depicting a future dystopian world.

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