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Max Keiser 2Just Vote No and friends view main stream media’s interpretation of the “news” with a decidedly jaundiced eye. Not only that, the more popular media spews gossip and calls it news.  So, our salvation rests in “alternative” venues, such as Zero Hedge or California Political Review.

A program that has been around since 2009 is The Keiser Report, hosted by Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert, and broadcast mostly out of the RT network. We say “mostly” because what is not acceptable even to RT, is posted in Max Keiser’s YouTube channel. Max is a long-time financial analyst and money manager, as well as a passionate advocate for investment in Bitcoin. Stacy is a television presenter and producer, besides also being a fantastic news analyst.

Here are some highlights from three episodes.

#1136 Artificial Intelligence

Max and Stacy report from the Standing Rock Sioux reservation in North Dakota. At first blush this might seem a strange setting for a discussion on artificial intelligence. It is not. The white man’s devastation of the Native American way of life serves as cautionary tale for the coming annihilation of the average worker’s world by increasingly sophisticated technology.

#1140 Markets & Media Meltdown

Stacy discusses the sorry state of the American media, where a feud between a legislator in a cowboy hat and the President of the nation is reported blow by blow for days. Max challenges his audience to detect a difference between debt monetization, historically the precursor of run-away inflation and financial collapse, and quantitative easing.

#1142 “Help to Buy” – Who did it really help?

Max and Stacy reveal who really profits from the tax-payer financed U.K. program purportedly implemented to help people purchase homes: developers. A universal principle is that prices are raised to the extent taxpayers are willing to finance subsidies. In the case of the Help to Buy program, builders raise house prices by almost exactly the amount made available in the form of subsidies.

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