Every nation has the government it deserves.   Joseph de Maistre

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Border PatrolTime for Congress to Solve the Border Crisis:  Taxpayers are paying Congress to bicker, since legislators are not solving the nation’s challenges.  A serious and tragic challenge is the crisis at the U.S. Southern Border.  Read More

Picture of Justin AmashJustin Amash Declared his Independence:  Justin Amash maybe did not leave a political party, but joined the growing number of disaffected unaffiliated voters who had enough of the present dysfunctional two-party system.  Read More.

patrick-henry-1775-granger4th of July – Hotdogs But No History?:  In his first draft of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson condemned the importation of slaves as an “abominable crime.” Delegates to the Continental Congress removed that language to ensure support for Independence from the Southern colonies.  Read More.

Monopoly Oligarch

Free Speech Rights do not Exist in the Private Sector: There is no such thing as “free speech rights” in the private arena, and the U.S. Supreme Court just told us that again.  The Court’s decision in Manhattan Community Access v. Dee-Dee Halleck narrowly applies to the case at hand, but will influence how social media behaves. Read More.

Rise in health care costNow a Credit Card Crisis? – U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez plan to introduce legislation that would cap credit card interest rates at 15%. Cap interest rates, and consumers benefit?  Track record says different.  Read More.

Gramsci - CopyAntonio Gramsci – The New Hegemony:  Gramsci formulated possibly the most influential philosophy of our times – rule brought about not by force or violence but by consent of the subjugated class.  The plan is achieved by exercising its three components:  hegemony, praxis, and civil society.    Read More

Dogpatch Neighborhood - CopyUpdate on Who California Legislators Work For:  Senate Bill 50 was tabled by the California Senate Appropriations Committee on May 16, 2019.  Note that the bill was tabled not voted down altogether — even though the bill is pretty much universally despised.  Read More

Dogpatch Neighborhood - CopyWho Are California Legislators Working For?: Legislators supposedly represent the majority of their constituents without neglecting the minority. California Senator Scott Wiener says “everyone hates SB 50,” yet he is on a mission pass Senate Bill 50.  Who is Senator Wiener working for?   Read More.

Real and nominal wagesTax Cuts – Rising Tide That Lifts Some Boats:  The 2017 tax cuts gave a boost to the U.S. economy.  Workers are finding jobs.  Lower-income folks take home a little more pay.  U.S. companies have more money that could trickle down to workers.  All this is a band-aid that leaves underlying problems untouched.  Read More.

SF Car break ins 2In-Car Deliveries:  What Could Go Wrong?:  Cities like San Francisco are home to the very rich and the very poor.  The rich live in enclaves with ample security.  The poor live in the streets or crime-ridden neighborhoods, and make their living in whatever way they can.  Predictably, car break-ins soar.  Read More

Battle of SommeThe Rough Beast at your Ballot Box:
“Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold …
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.”  Politics today? Read More

Monopoly OligarchNo Sign Congress Wants to Go Back to Work:  Certainly, we the people want Congress to root out corruption, and the fall from grace of many who Mueller dispatched into the arms of the judicial system might have been worthwhile.  But, was this mere collateral damage within a higher agenda?  Time to find out what that agenda might be?  Read More

ResistanceTime for Congress to Go Back to Work?:  The Mueller report is done.  Is there a chance that our Congress people might go back to work?  Or maybe it’s only us ordinary workers that need to produce at our jobs?  Read More.

Elliott Abrams 2Venezuela, the Neocons Are Back! : Neocons are the liberal internationalists who imposed U.S. ideals where they saw such ideals lacking. They are the remnants of the Cold War, and the architects of the Iraq invasion.  They are back and have set their sights on Venezuela.  Read More.

Discovery Museum 2Bay Area IPOs Coming to Raise Your Rent: The San Francisco Bay Area is a poster child for unaffordability.  The Silicon Valley business cluster is expected to increase that challenge even further when a coming rash of IPOs infuse cash into the pockets of tech workers.  Read More.

Stacy Herbert reporting on Keiser ReportWhy Wage Earners Live on Debt:   Near zero interest rates and an abundance of fiat money have rendered U.S. wage earners redundant.  Companies no longer depend on their workers for wealth creation.  Read More

CableCarTurstileProgressive Cities, We Have a Problem:   San Francisco is one of California’s jewel cities.  Prized not only for its magnificent views, but also for its progressive populace.  There is not a tax the City does not love, or a compassionate deed that is left undone.   Read More

WatermelonGreen Deals and Watermelons:  Climate deniers call climate alarmists watermelons, green on the outside and red on the inside.  Watermelons might not be entirely red yet.  With talk of democratic socialism, social justice, income inequality, 70% tax, they are getting there.  Read More.

Book Democracy in AmericaLoss of Liberty and Who is to Blame:  The list of sins we commit against ourselves by far outweigh those committed by government against us.  Government robs our liberties by our own consent.  We recommend a good article listing what important liberties we have lost, as well as a classic book.  Read More.