As in the parable of the frog in slowly boiling water, voters often remain in a voting path detrimental to themselves, until it is too late to change their dire circumstances.  The Just Vote No Blog hopes to encourage voters to consider the often hidden consequences of proposals at the ballot box and vote wisely.
 Every nation has the government it deserves – Joseph de Maistre

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state of the union 2020State of the Union – Presidents Never Mention the Fault Lines:  President Trump enumerated a list of successes in his February 4, 2020 State of the Union address.  He did not mention serious challenges like the national debt.  Nobody wants to hear about that.  Read More

Moms 4 HousingMoms 4 Housing vs. Private Property:  Housing as human right does not appear in U.S. Constitutional or statutory documents, yet the moms currently in the news present this concept as remedy for their housing challenges. Remedies can be worse than diseases. Read More.

DroughtAB 1668 and SB 606 – Far From Water Conservation Bills:  The Just Vote No Blog recommends this article on California Political News & Views.  Residents need to question their legislators regarding draconian bills coming out of Sacramento.  Read More.

Suffragettes2020 Resolution – Get Out of the Media Echo Chambers:  When someone suggests that feminism is the worst thing that happened to our society, are we supposed to think women should not be allowed to vote or work outside the home? We would need to ask Tucker Carlson.  Read More.

Fast FoodAyn Rand Could Come in Handy Today:  Ayn Rand devotees call those who have not yet read Atlas Shrugged “the uninitiated.” Snarky but worth noting.  The initiation occurs when readers realize workers are better off  working in a competitive market than a rigged crony one.  Read More.

PromisesProgressive Policies – How They Thrive:  Might it seem odd that states with crumbling infrastructure, overwhelming homelessness, unfortunate levels of drug addiction, as well as high taxes do not consider that maybe the status quo is not working.  No, not really.  The status quo usually remains.  Read More.

Chesa Boudin speaking to reportersCalifornia Political News & Views article: The article Reformer DAs – What’s So Bad About Public Urination?  discusses reformer district attorneys elected throughout the U.S.  Voters, conservative or progressive, would benefit from awareness of what is propelling reformer DAs into office and what their election signifies. An introduction to the article by publisher Steve Frank reminds us reformers are not limited to DAs.

A bus stop at Bayview neighborhoodPG&E Cuts Off Power for Non-Payment – Who Would Have Thunk It!:  Does San Francisco really  need a study to reveal that poor people sometimes do not have enough money to pay their utility bills?  Read More.

Minimum wageWe’re From the Government and Here to Help:  In July Congress passed legislation mandating a $15 minimum wage.  Government has a habit of implementing policies that create problems, then implementing some more policies to “fix” those problems.  Read More.

Scene from WC MovieCulture Wars Rage on Social Media:  Twitter decided to call it quits on political ads.  Could be John Dorsey figured the culture wars were not worth his time.  Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg persists, in spite of all the fire and brimstone showered upon him.  Read More.

Trees 2Jerry Brown Blames the Feds for Wildfires Too:  California wildfires have turned deadly.  It’s time to quit the pointless blame game and end the climate change as cause for wildfires rhetoric.  Lives are at stake.  Read More.

Baby monitor over child's cribBig Tech as Ideological Enforcer:  Private companies are free to do as they see fit within legal frameworks in which they operate.  Challenges arise when companies become government-empowered monopolies bent on ideological enforcement.  Read More.

Shen YunWarnings from a Former Communist:  Who better to communicate the characteristics and infiltrating objectives of Chinese Communism than a former loyal member of the Chinese Communist Party.  The extend of the infiltration in America appears to be an open secret to some and a mystery to many.  Read More.

Drug injection needles on the street

San Francisco – Slouching Toward Gomorrah:  One often hears that as California does, so does the country.  In California, San Francisco is a leader in what California does.  Given the unfortunate decay in the once lovely City by the Bay, the rest of California and the nation should become highly concerned.  Read More.

HOWARD JARVIS PROPOSITION 13Proposition 13 Set for Another Jab: To some California’s Proposition 13 represents greedy property owners.  To others, it’s a victory over profligates, for whom no amount of taxes is ever enough.  On November 2020, voters will be asked to choose sides again.  Read More.

Drug injection needles on the streetCities, Hostage to the Drug-Homeless Complex:  An excellent article by Heather Mac Donald published in City Journal joined others to point out that lack of affordable housing is not the cause of homeless, drug use is.  The report focused on San Francisco.  But the the City’s drug permissiveness is part of a wider strategy.  Read More.

Chart showing Earth's cold and hot cycleUN Climate Action – Anybody Left Out?: The UN Climate Action Summit 2019 called for action from countries and corporations. They should have asked who they were leaving out! The Summit left out people – buyers, consumers, trend setters, and boycotters.  Read More.

American Factory ribbon cuttingAmerican Worker:  American Factory presents a picture of the American marketplace:  a significant number of American workers employed by U.S.-based foreign companies. But the film’s message is open to interpretation.  Read More.

California CapitolA Tool For Control:  Fear is a good tool with which to implement control. California did a great job successfully passing hundreds of mandates removing voter control of housing by utilizing concerns about climate change.  Recommended article:  The Ascent of Big Government in the Guise of Climate Change.  Read More on CA Political News & Views

Chaos - CopyThe Blurred Line Between Order & Chaos: Laws do not necessarily maintain order, and chaos sometimes coexists with order. A good article by Nathan Kreider posted on Being Libertarian beautifully discusses the Misconception of Order. Read More of Kreider’s article.

Scotia CA 2Tech Villas – Not Your Old Company Towns:  California housing bills are increasing in number, clever aggressiveness, and efforts to impose central regional planning.  As tech companies enter the housing development market, voters’ power wanes.  Read more.

Parkmerced - CopyAB 1487 is Scheduled for Some Lipstick:  California residents will cede much control over housing to a regional agency such as BAHFA should AB 1487 pass. Negotiating patches to the bill will not change the basic functions of this proposed regional agency.  Read More.

Chart showing Earth's cold and hot cycleClimate Change – View From the Other Side:  This post is in fairness to those who truly believe that climate change, as well as economic inequalities, are existential threats, requiring collective, globally-mandated action.    Read More.

homelessnessHomelessness – Is Housing the Problem? : When we routinely see drug injection needles discarded in our streets, we need to think whether the current narrative of gentrification and housing shortage as the primary cause for homelessness makes sense.  Read More.

Reserve currenciesAmerica First vs. the U.S. Dollar as Major Reserve Currency:  With the fall of every major currency there are winners and there are losers. Today, some powerful potential winners are working to be the successful contenders in replacing the US dollar as the principal global reserve currency.  Read More

Border PatrolTime for Congress to Solve the Border Crisis:  Taxpayers are paying Congress to bicker, since legislators are not solving the nation’s challenges.  A serious and tragic challenge is the crisis at the U.S. Southern Border.  Read More

Monopoly Oligarch

Free Speech Rights do not Exist in the Private Sector: There is no such thing as “free speech rights” in the private arena, and the U.S. Supreme Court just told us that again.  The Court’s decision in Manhattan Community Access v. Dee-Dee Halleck narrowly applies to the case at hand, but will influence how social media behaves. Read More.

Rise in health care costNow a Credit Card Crisis? – U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez plan to introduce legislation that would cap credit card interest rates at 15%. Cap interest rates, and consumers benefit?  Track record says different.  Read More.

Gramsci - CopyAntonio Gramsci – The New Hegemony:  Gramsci formulated possibly the most influential philosophy of our times – rule brought about not by force or violence but by consent of the subjugated class.  The plan is achieved by exercising its three components:  hegemony, praxis, and civil society.    Read More

Dogpatch Neighborhood - CopyWho Are California Legislators Working For?: Legislators supposedly represent the majority of their constituents without neglecting the minority. California Senator Scott Wiener says “everyone hates SB 50,” yet he is on a mission pass Senate Bill 50.  Who is Senator Wiener working for?   Read More.

Real and nominal wagesTax Cuts – Rising Tide That Lifts Some Boats:  The 2017 tax cuts gave a boost to the U.S. economy.  Workers are finding jobs.  Lower-income folks take home a little more pay.  U.S. companies have more money that could trickle down to workers.  All this is a band-aid that leaves underlying problems untouched.  Read More.

Battle of SommeThe Rough Beast at your Ballot Box:
“Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold …
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.”  Politics today? Read More

Monopoly OligarchNo Sign Congress Wants to Go Back to Work:  Certainly, we the people want Congress to root out corruption, and the fall from grace of many who Mueller dispatched into the arms of the judicial system might have been worthwhile.  But, was this mere collateral damage within a higher agenda?  Time to find out what that agenda might be?  Read More

Stacy Herbert reporting on Keiser ReportWhy Wage Earners Live on Debt:   Near zero interest rates and an abundance of fiat money have rendered U.S. wage earners redundant.  Companies no longer depend on their workers for wealth creation.  Read More

CableCarTurstileProgressive Cities, We Have a Problem:   San Francisco is one of California’s jewel cities.  Prized not only for its magnificent views, but also for its progressive populace.  There is not a tax the City does not love, or a compassionate deed that is left undone.   Read More