Why Just Vote No?  Somewhere in a voters’ guide it should say vote no unless you are certain a proposal will benefit you, not a political elite of one kind or another.

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Soft Despotism: It is a childlike populace ruled by a tutelary power, says deTocqueville. More

Tutelary Power: Once clear, like kings and feudal lords. Today, not so. We vote, but at whose behest. More.

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In Defense of the Governor’s Partying While We Dine Alone

Politicians often belong to elite circles that thrive in the acquisition of power. Their default modus operandi is “For your own safety and the safety of your neighbors, follow my rules.” There is no covenant that the rule maker follow those same rules.

After AlphaGo There Is No Stopping AI

Whether you embrace or fear artificial intelligence, AI is here to stay. In the short run you will benefit from augmented diagnostic techniques or harmed by loss of a job. In the long run your place in the universe – to your advantage or not — might be determined by a machine.

Taxes Disguised as Fees Raiding Your Pockets

The California Supreme Court accepted for review on October 14, 2020, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association vs. Bay Area Toll Authority. Those who recall the 2018 epic battle pro and con Regional Measure 3 (RM3) might not be surprised.

Recommended: The Barrington Declaration

The Just Vote No Blog recommends The Great Barrington Declaration. A loose summary of the Declaration might be that lockdowns are kicking the can of illness and mortality down the road.

SF Bay Area: Pitch Dark at Noon!

San Francisco Bay Area skies were pitch dark at 9am. Still dark at noon. Climate change or poor forest management, depending on who you ask. Great pictures in S.F. Chronicle.

Pandemics in Pictures

Life means choices. Today we tow the line and wear our face coverings, In 1969 Woodstock happened and so did the Hong Kong Flu.

BLM Protests and “The Moynihan Report”

Amid today’s massive Black Lives Matter demonstrations, filled with demands for redress of past and present injustices against Black people, it might be useful to revisit The Moynihan Report. The Report’s suggested remedy will sound outdated to today’s readers, possibly because society chose to take the path Moynihan warned against.

Stimulus Plans – Peace For Our Time

In difficult times people tend to want immediate solutions, regardless of how those solutions will affect their own future or the future of their descendants. Stimulus packages fall into that category.

Once Again the Fed Wants to Save Us

During the sub-prime massacre of 2008-2009, then Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke came to the economy’s rescue. Today’s Chairman Jerome Powell is trying to repeat the feat but in a massive scale.

When Challenges Highlight Shortcomings

The Just Vote No Blog recommends an article published today in California Political News & Views: COVID-19Highlights Shortcomings. It’s time for change!

Bill Gates in 2015: “We Are Not Prepared”

Five years ago, Microsoft founder Bill Gates warned “If anything kills over 10 million people in the next few decades, it’s most likely to be a highly infectious virus rather than a war.” That is still true.

The Keystone Kops Response to Crises

There is nothing humorous about people getting sick. That is why we all must forcefully call attention to inefficient social structures that place people at risk.

Would Even Bigger Government Fix California?

Our Founding Fathers advocated a lean Federal government. Not so lean right now. But in the case of California, we are talking bloat. Does California really need 250 instead of 120 legislators?

Moms 4 Housing vs. Private Property

The Moms 4 Housing saga furthers the concept that unrestricted private property is no longer viable given today’s political and economic realities. The contemplated remedy is worse than the disease.

2020 Resolution: Get Out of Media Echo Chambers

Today’s purveyors of news appear to reside in echo chambers that encourage their audiences to become equally compartmentalized.  Tucker Carlson’s recent attack on “feminism” is an example of a sound-bite pretending to stand for a wide and complex subject.

Ayn Rand Could Come in Handy Today

There is no evidence that the Atlas of Greek mythology ever gave up and shrugged off the Heavenly Sphere he was ordered by Zeus to carry forever, but common sense would say that he probably eventually did. Just look at what corporations today do.