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WatermelonClimate deniers call climate alarmists watermelons, green on the outside and red on the inside.  Watermelon people might not be entirely red yet.  With their talk of democratic socialism, social justice, income inequality, 70% taxation, they are getting there.  Read More.


Book Democracy in AmericaThe list of sins we commit against ourselves by far outweigh those committed by government against us.  Government robs our liberties by our own consent.  We recommend a good article listing what important liberties we have lost, as well as a classic book.  Read More.


eu flagThe U.S. State Department downgraded the European Union from its status of “state” to its pre-Obama status of “international organization.”  While the media focuses on the diplomatic fallout, folks should be focusing on the question of what is a legitimate jurisdiction.  Read More.

Candace OwensA Government by Tweets and Marches:  Candace Owens is a rising star in the conservative movement.  Her mission is to lead Black people out of what she calls a “plantation of the mind.”  A predictor of her success will be her upcoming Blexit Rally on Jan 20.  Read More

Trump Wall Go Fund Me 2

Loving the Border Wall In Spite of Frost: Left-leaning states have succeeded in establishing a narrative that Trump is insisting on an unwanted border wall. The current GoFundMe Build the Trump Wall Campaign might change that narrative.  Read More

Law Challenge “Free Speech Zones!”:  A free exchange of ides is one of the essential requirements in a democracy.  When government restricts such exchange, especially within colleges and universities, those that prefer liberty to tyranny need to push back.  Read More

Great Seal of the US 2

The New World Order: What Could it Mean?:  Former U.S. President George H.W. Bush died on November 30, 2018.   Along with the eulogies has come talk of his being an architect of the New World Order.  But what did that mean in the context of Bush’s time?  In the context of our time?  Read More

caravanA Migrant Caravan and U.S. Crossroads:  A “migrant caravan” of 5,000 – 7,000 souls approaches the U.S. border.  Depending on political bent, they are invaders, illegals, immigrants, migrants, or asylum seekers. Read More

Federal Reserve Note

How the U.S. Debt Affects You:  The U.S. debt hit $21 trillion March 2018 — the largest sovereign debt in the world for a single country.  We live in a monetary system where fiat money erodes our wealth and chips away at our liberty. Read More.

Supplemental Poverty Measure

If You Are Poor, You are Not Alone:  Poverty is not evenly distributed among the U.S.’s 50 states, but concentrated in a few, with California leading the way as having the highest poverty rate in the nation.  This is the state with the highest GDP.  Read More.



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