Voters’ guides should carry a warning:  “Just vote no unless you are certain a proposal will benefit you, not a political elite of one kind of another.”

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I will take my Glock to Congress

MACA: Make America Civil Again

Famously, the U.S. has the highest age-adjusted rate of firearms homicides per 100,000 population among developed higher-income nations. The U.S. should have a new slogan: MACA: Make America Civil Again.

Poor children

World without Roe v Wade: Mommy left to die?

Conservatives need to show they are aware that if abortions are completely banned, doctors might have to decide who gets killed – Mom or Baby – and whether or not to risk their medical career by not letting Mom die.

Election signs

How Refreshing to have political choices!

Today’s political battles are about preserving our Constitutional Republic or abandoning it in preference of a Marxist-based democracy. States like California or New York have already chosen Marxism. Swing states like North Caroline are still waging war.

Soros visits early childhood education center

Quotable Quotes from George Soros

George Soros, founder of Open Society Foundations, once said, “The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.” His many quotable quotes clearly explain what Soros wants.

Alexander Hamilton on computer chip

CBDC: Where Angels Should Fear to Tread

CBDC is not like Bitcoin or Stablecoin or any other form of private digital currency in existence today. CBDC is government issued, and government controlled to stay in concert with government objectives.

Shelled buildings in Ukraine

The Hypocrisy of Russia and U.S.

“Hypocrisy Abounds in Russia and US”: Article by Paul Lovinger on asks if there is a difference between Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and U.S. invasion of Libya or Iraq

Leontyne Price in Aida

And the Soul Felt its Worth

Like liberty, self worth is God given. You either find it in yourself or, to your detriment, you wait for others to decide to give it to you or not. Merry Christmas!

Erik Frankel for Council

Erik Frankel: Citizen Statesman

Erik Frankel ran for a seat in the Brooklyn District 38 Council. His main opponent’s day job was to distribute money from a nonprofit. Guess who won?

Skyline in Charlotte, North Carolina

Hello North Carolina

The Just Vote No Blog moved to North Carolina from California October 2021. This article is a personal first impression of the state. North Carolina is a beautiful place, and generally the people are nice!

Leaves Turning Brown

California Emptyin’

Thank you to Steve Frank, publisher of the California Political News and Views for publishing my adieu to California. Our family has joined the exodus out of a state we once loved.

Workers vaccine protest

Mandates v. the survival of our Republic

U.S. workers, many of whom worked to provide us with goods and services at the height of the pandemic, are now being threatened with termination if they refuse to abide by vaccine mandates. Not all are quietly acquiescing.

Chaos at Kabul Airport

Afghanistan and the sunk-cost dilemma

The correct response to the sunk-cost dilemma is to realistically evaluate the situation. If most variables are not conducive to success, get out – mitigate as best you can, but get out.

Yoga Moms United for Slow Streets

Thank you to Steve Frank of California Political News and Views for publishing my article on “slow streets.” These streets, closed to vehicular traffic, at present affect only some neighborhoods. How long until they affect all neighborhoods? Marcy Berry JVN Website Editor.

children tearing up covid masks

Two Generation C Embraced by the Establishment

There are two Generation C. One is the Covid Generation, and the other the Connected Generation. They are different in age and general attributes, but share one crucial trait: trust in the establishment.

MLK I have a dream

Critical Race Theory: A Dream Cancelled

President Joe Biden is considering grants to schools that include critical race theory in their curriculum. Some parents are calling CRT “obsession with race.”

Ad for Marshall's Cigarettes

When Cigarettes Cured Asthma

Science can be pretty fungible. It can evolve fast and it can be manipulated. Old cigarette ads touting the medicinal qualities of tobacco serve as examples.

April 1 cartoon

A Modest Proposal: Rename April 1 Useful Fools Day

Proposals: the outsized response to Covid-19 be a contribution to April 1; celebrations include not only ordinary individuals, but also Wall Street darlings, public servants, and respected professionals; the day be renamed Useful Fools Day.