“I know no safe depository of the ultimate powers of society but the people themselves.”  Thomas Jefferson 

Just Vote No 4The Just Vote No Blog hopes to encourage you to vote wisely at every election so that ultimate power will once again rest with the people. Power must reside at the ballot box, not at the rich man’s coffers, nor at the bureaucrat’s whim.


20 note 2

How the U.S. Debt Affects You:  The U.S. debt hit about $21 trillion in March 2018 — the largest sovereign debt in the world for a single country.  We live in a monetary system of credit, where fiat money erodes your wealth and chips away at your liberty. Read More.

Supplemental Poverty Measure

If You Are Poor, You are Not Alone:  Poverty is not evenly distributed among the U.S.’s 50 states, but is concentrated in a few, with California leading the way as having the highest poverty rate in the nation.  This is the state with the highest GDP.  Read More.

Brad Pitt in Fight ClubPick One – Tyler Durden or Paul Krugman:  If you want to do things other than look at the news, you must narrow your choices to one source.  Just Vote No suggests you pick either Paul Krugman or Tyler Durden.  Why those two?  Why not.  Read More.

Vulture The Great Social Media Purge of 2018! :   The Just Vote No Blog  weighs in on the Great Debate du Jour, the social media purge of alternative views.  Our take is that all  monopolies demand obedience.    Read More.

Ron Paul and John Dennis

One Republican in a Sea of Democrats:   San Francisco is solid Democrat and ultra left.  John Dennis is a Republican running for Supervisor, and he might just win.  (Picture:  Ron Paul and John Dennis).  Read More.

Trump 2 In Defense of Chaos:   What does it take to change the entrenched status quo?  Orderly change is impossible when so many bureaucrats, lobbyists, crony capitalists, warmongers, and other assorted folk benefited for so long.  Read More.




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