Voters’ guides should carry a warning:  “Just vote no unless you are certain a proposal will benefit you, not a political elite of one kind of another.”

The Latest:

Leaves Turning Brown

California Emptyin’

Thank you to Steve Frank, publisher of the California Political News and Views for publishing my adieu to California. Our family has joined the exodus out of a state we once loved.

Workers vaccine protest

Mandates v. the survival of our Republic

U.S. workers, many of whom worked to provide us with goods and services at the height of the pandemic, are now being threatened with termination if they refuse to abide by vaccine mandates. Not all are quietly acquiescing.

Chaos at Kabul Airport

Afghanistan and the sunk-cost dilemma

The correct response to the sunk-cost dilemma is to realistically evaluate the situation. If most variables are not conducive to success, get out – mitigate as best you can, but get out.

Yoga Moms United for Slow Streets

Thank you to Steve Frank of California Political News and Views for publishing my article on “slow streets.” These streets, closed to vehicular traffic, at present affect only some neighborhoods. How long until they affect all neighborhoods? Marcy Berry JVN Website Editor.

children tearing up covid masks

Two Generation C Embraced by the Establishment

There are two Generation C. One is the Covid Generation, and the other the Connected Generation. They are different in age and general attributes, but share one crucial trait: trust in the establishment.

MLK I have a dream

Critical Race Theory: A Dream Cancelled

President Joe Biden is considering grants to schools that include critical race theory in their curriculum. Some parents are calling CRT “obsession with race.”

When Cigarettes Cured Asthma

Science can be pretty fungible. It can evolve fast and it can be manipulated. Old cigarette ads touting the medicinal qualities of tobacco serve as examples.

April 1 cartoon

A Modest Proposal: Rename April 1 Useful Fools Day

Proposals: the outsized response to Covid-19 be a contribution to April 1; celebrations include not only ordinary individuals, but also Wall Street darlings, public servants, and respected professionals; the day be renamed Useful Fools Day.

The BLM-Inspired Schools of California

Thank you to Steve Frank, publisher of California Political News & Views, for publishing this article by JVN editor. Our universities have been dispensers of identity-socialism rhetoric for the past half century. The rhetoric is now tricking down to our children’s primary schools.

Freedom Trash Can to Mask Burning

Citizens of Idaho gathered in front of their capitol to burn their masks. For folks that were around in the 1960s, the Idaho event might bring back memories of Freedom Trash Cans and draft-card burning.

Governor Newsom’s Recall Turns Real

Gavin Newsom is behaving like the quintessential elite–someone who creates a self-serving vision and proceed to implement it. The Recall is a reaction to Newsom’s perceived elitism as much as an attempt to put an end to his misguided policies.

The Great Reset: Elites Caring About Us?

Proponents of The Great Reset view Covid-19 as “a great opportunity” to implement controlled globalization guided by moral governance. Note, “governance” is the term used, not government. By way of reminder, government implies leaders elected by their constituents; while “governance” implies rules implemented by the non-elected.

This Will Be A Difficult Christmas

This will be a difficult Holiday Season. So many without jobs. So many fearful. Thus, just maybe listening to “Joy to the World” or wishing family and friends (whom we are forbidden to see) a “Merry Christmas” could feel like cognitive dissonance.

Walter E. Williams Told It Like It Is – RIP

Walter E. Williams, distinguished professor of Economics at George Mason University and advocate of free markets for everyone, died on December 1, 2020. With his passing, a voice raised against the devastation inflicted upon the poor by well-intentioned government policies was lost.

In Defense of the Governor’s Partying While We Dine Alone

Politicians often belong to elite circles that thrive in the acquisition of power. Their default modus operandi is “For your own safety and the safety of your neighbors, follow my rules.” There is no covenant that the rule maker follow those same rules.