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This is a personal website — not affiliated with any organization, business, or money source — expressing random opinions stumbled upon or discussed with politically- inclined friends.

The concerns expressed here primarily involve goings on in California, and in the Bay Area in particular.  However, obviously, what goes on locally is affected by what occurs nationally and globally.

What’s the Background?

Our Founding Fathers created a unique nation, based on individual liberty and government restricted by individual rights.  The United States Constitution describes the format of government, and the Bill of Rights provides the restrictions.

As the nation evolved, much good was added to the Constitutional social contract.  Slavery ended, women were enfranchised, and generally the idea that we are all created equal was advanced.

However, the size, scope, and reach of government grew, and grew, and grew.  Part of this growth was the creation of numerous agencies, bureaus, commissions, at all levels of government.  So, government once for and by the people increasingly became government for its own sake by bureaucrats.

Who is primarily responsible for this shift — politicians?  moneyed big business?  globalists?  voters?  We the People have the power of the vote, so voters must bear responsibility along with all of the above!  However, often they do not.

As in the parable of the frog in slowly boiling water, voters often remain in a voting path detrimental to themselves, until it is too late to change their dire circumstances.

So What to Do?

The impetus for this website is hoping to communicate even to a few voters that voting wisely means truly and deeply asking at every election and of every proposal:  Who benefits?  Do the proposals on the ballot truly benefit me, my family, my neighborhood, or do they benefit the politicians or the interest groups that placed them there?  Is yet another law, rule, or mandate really necessary?  When a clear answer to such questions do not come to mind, the best response should be to Just Vote No.

Content Contributors?

Wonderful if anyone wants to contribute original content that furthers the purpose of this website, reflects utmost civility, and is based on facts!  Use the Contact Us form.

The Bottom Line is:

  • This website is non-partisan and non-sectarian, although liberty-leaning.
  • Our aim is to discuss on-line what our group of friends talk about.
  • Our friends happen to be Berniecrats, Kennedy Democrats, Libertarians, Goldwater, Reagan, and Ron Paul Republicans, assorted small-government advocates.
  • We don’t take money from anyone and nobody tells us what to do.



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