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Who’s in Charge Here?

Thank you for visiting the Just Vote No Blog.  This is a personal website — not affiliated with any institution, organization, business, or political party – expressing random opinions stumbled upon or discussed with politically-inclined friends.  Our friends happen to be Berniecrats; Kennedy Democrats; Libertarians; Goldwater, Reagan, and Ron Paul Republicans; and assorted small-government advocates.  The Just Vote No Blog does not accept money from anyone, and no one tells the Blog what to do.

What’s This Blog All About?

The thoughts expressed here mainly concern political actions by legislators as well as voters that contribute to the advance of soft despotism, as best described by Alexis de Tocqueville in Democracy in America. At the end of a nation’s devolution there is a childlike populace and a tutelary power.

Above this race of men stands an immense and tutelary power, which takes upon itself alone to secure their gratifications and to watch over their fate. That power is absolute, minute, regular, provident, and mild …  Democracy in America

Because the Just Vote No Blog was once based in California, there is a California section in it.  The California section could also be explained by the state’s frequent boast that as goes California so goes the nation.

In October 2021, the Blog’s editor joined the California Exodus and settled in North Carolina. California ex-pats abound here in North Carolina. California ex-pats are the middle-class, the workers that provide goods and services. The ex-pats here in North Carolina are also the technology companies seeking lower taxes, a more business-friendly environment, and a prepared work force. In time, the North Carolina section of this Blog will also be filled with local news.

What’s the Background?

Our Founding Fathers created a unique nation, based on individual liberty and government restricted by individual rights. The United States Constitution describes the format of government, and the Bill of Rights provides the restrictions.

As the nation evolved, much good was added to the Constitutional social contract. Slavery ended, women were enfranchised, and generally the idea that we are all created equal was advanced.

However, the size, scope, and reach of government grew, and grew, and grew. Part of this growth was the creation of numerous agencies, bureaus, commissions, at all levels of government. So, government once for and by the people increasingly became government for its own sake by bureaucrats.

As in the parable of the frog in slowly boiling water, voters often remain in a voting path detrimental to themselves, until it is too late to change their dire circumstances.   And always voters fall for the free cheese.

So What to Do?

The impetus for this website is hoping to communicate even to a few voters that our Founding Fathers did provide a blue print that we can all use today to secure prosperity and individual liberty. Therefore, it behooves us to ask before we cast every vote at the ballot box whether our action will support that blue print or impair it.


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Marcy Berry, Blog Editor