Childhood: You blink and you miss it

Childhood goes by so fast. Kids today are missing a lot, including not only in-person learning, but also playgrounds and family fun.

This is Just Vote No editor sharing random thoughts on a place in Northern California that exemplifies fun for all families: Casa de Fruta. For the more well off, yes, bring your wallet since there is lots to buy. For the less well off, enjoy the grounds without an entrance fee and a reasonably priced lunch.

At present, the grounds feature a store filled with food and wine, restaurant, pond, water wheel, and playground. Additionally, there are real old-time farm equipment on display. How many children know about a hand-operated water pump? [This writer’s family once had a hand-operated water pump in the back yard. The family took turns pumping water to drink, cook, and wash.]

But the children’s highlights are closed until the County says it is OK to re-open.

Visit Casa de Fruta – Store Hours

For how long? How many little ones will miss out? Is the lockdown worth it?

Childhood comes but once. You blink and you miss it. You shut down schools, playgrounds, and carrousels and childhood pays the price. Children whose families earn minimum wage – or nowadays no wage at all, pay the highest price. The legacy of the Covid-19 lockdowns will reverberate for a long time to come.

October 25, 2020

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