In-Car Deliveries: What Could Go Wrong?

Just Vote No wishes nothing but good luck to Amazon and its new in-car delivery service; especially in cities like San Francisco, with soaring car break-ins.

Amazon transformed itself from an on-line bookseller to a huge seller of everything.  Its delivery network is therefore impressive.  In 2017 Amazon introduced in-home delivery for subscribers that wanted their packages delivered inside their homes.

Now Amazon introduced in-car delivery.  Any Amazon Key customer with a “connected car” can have their Amazon packages delivered to their parked car!  Great idea, since this service would certainly help stem the explosion of car break-ins in cities like San Francisco.  Or, what could possibly go wrong?  An article from San Francisco’s  SF Gate asks the question.

Another article, in the San Francisco Chronicle, has the figures on car break-ins for San Francisco.  The article also notes that arrests amount to less than 2%.

SF Car break ins 2

As cities like San Francisco descend into the questionable prosperity of being home to the very rich and the very poor, break-ins of smart cars preferred by the former should be expected to proliferate.

Just Vote No wishes nothing but good luck to Amazon.  Perhaps the company will need a lot of that with in-car deliveries.

Author: Marcy

Advocate of Constitutional guarantees to individual liberty.

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